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President of the Three Hammers. Professional grump, semi-pro hipster. Ed likes to work on old cars and hang out with his friends. Originally from England, He enjoys traveling and drinking all the beers.

Born in England, transplanted to Oklahoma. I'm the muscles behind the operation. Professional Dragon Slayer 24/7. Brother to the President. Future Prime Minister of England.

Born and bred in Oklahoma, Dustin likes to live the low life with his wife and two children. When he is not working at Dell, you can find him drinking whiskey with friends or spending time with his family at the lake. He is an ex-bartender with a PhD in mixology, and is especially gifted at napping. He is also one of the best meat eaters in the world.

Photo and lighting enthusiast by day, jack-of-all-trades and man of many names by night. Hello! I’m Matt Patt.

From Moore, Oklahoma. Secretioneer by day, a.k.a. Gilbetron Duke Marriott. Lakers fan with a two beer minimum smile rule, loves him some movies and riding his '72. All about family and those he considers blood, most importantly loves him some chipotle. Bring on the carbs.

Coop & Winston
The Three Hammers Dogs, one is a genius one is a little bit special